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Custom Orchid Arrangements

Why Do Orchids Make The Best Gift?
  •  Long lasting blooms.  The waxy petals of orchid flowers allow orchids to resist decay and bloom for long periods of time.

  • Living Art.  Orchids are available in a array of colors, patterns and sizes making them a tasteful artistic gift for any home and office.

  • Easy to Grow.  Orchids have pseudobulbs that are designed to store water and carbohydrates, this adaptations allows orchids to thrive with only occasional watering.

  • Allergy Free. Orchids don’t have loose, free-floating pollen that drifts in the air, instead the pollen is protected and contained in a pollen cap, this makes orchids a great gift even for your loved ones with allergies.

  • Safe for Pets. Orchids are non-toxic to dogs, cats, horses and goats. With that said, we don’t recommend your pets chewing on the leaves of your house plants.

  • Purifies the air. The green photosynthetic surfaces of Orchids are constantly absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing fresh oxygen back into the atmosphere.



We specialize in live orchid arrangements. Local delivery available!